Description – Day 1

8 Days in Portugal: Complete Tour

For those who only have one day to visit Lisbon and want to get to know all the tourist points of interest of the City, this is the perfect tour.

The tour usually is made on foot during the whole morning. However, those with conditioned locomotion, can chose to make it by car.

We will start by one of the hills of Lisbon, the one where São Jorge Castle is located, we go on and we visit the best Belvederes in Lisbon, and we will tell you the history and the legends of the neighbourhoods we encounter, tasting the best that traditional gastronomy has to offer and visiting the most emblematic taverns and traditional trade stores.

Once in Downtown, in Square of Comércio we will analyse some of the discrete symbols of the influence of the Freemasons and we will relive the history of the Earthquake of 1755.

It’s time to explore the other hill of the City, where the cosmopolitan centre of Chiado is located, as well as the oldest patisseries in Lisboa, coffee stores and the Museum of the Filigree.

Lunch in historical and typical quarter of Lisbon.

In the afternoon we will lose ourselves in the history of Portuguese discoveries in Belém, where the main Monuments and Museums are waiting for us.

And when we feel the strength of the warriors and of the Knight Templers, it’s time to eat a Pastel de Belém with a Port glass.

It’s time for the deserved rest, after a full day, with drop off at the hotel.

Description – Day 2

8 Days in Portugal: Complete Tour

The historic town of Sintra is full of coloured houses and buildings and here architecture is totally differentiated, classified as a World Heritage site by Unesco in 1995.

The magic of this tour lies in letting yourself be involved by the history and culture of a life of warriors, kings and conquerors with centuries of history.

After diving into a fairy tale, breathe deeply and enjoy the beautiful Portuguese coast, washed by the Atlantic Ocean, starting with a visit to the most western point in Europe, Cape Roca: ‘Here where land ends and the ocean begins’ by Luís Vaz de Camões.

Down the Atlantic Coast, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Guincho to Cascais.

We will visit Boca do Inferno and the Bay of Cascais, enjoying a walk through the town.

Finally, you can relax and enjoy the view of the whole coast to Lisbon.

Drop off at the hotel.

Description – Day 3

8 Days in Portugal: Complete Tour

We start by getting to know the Sanctuary of Fátima, a place of cult of the Catholic Church, where in 1917 Virgin Mary appeared to the three little shepherds.

We will visit the Little Chapel of the Apparitions, the exact location where the Virgin appeared, as well as the Basilica of Our Lady of Rosario de Fátima and the Basilica of the Holy Trinity.

Here we will have time to appreciate this sacred place. Walk along the Sanctuary and feel the energy of this mesmerising place. Visited by Catholics and non-Catholics, no one stays indifferent to this magnificent place full of energy.

Then we will visit the original houses of the little shepherds who are a part of the miracle of Fátima.

Once in Batalha, we will visit the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, also known as Monastery of Batalha, which has one of the most beautiful architectures in the World and is part of the World Heritage List defined by UNESCO, since 1983. It was classified as one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.

If you are still not impressed, then the great and imperial Sea of Nazaré is waiting for us. Here we will visit the Sítio and the beach of the North and we can see the place of the so famous biggest waves in the World.

Still in the Sítio, we will visit the Sanctuary of Nossa Sephora da Nazaré, where the Virgin that was at the origin of the name of the place can be seen and we can get to know the legend for which Our Lady became known as the protector of the local inhabitants.

Lunch where you can enjoy the fresh fish from the Sea of Nazaré in one of the restaurants by the sea.

We will then head to one of the most beautiful and important medieval towns in Portugal, Óbidos. By walking inside its walls, you can admire this town, which is one of the most picturesque and best preserved in the country, and is the stage for fairs and events which portray the medieval era. A true Museum Town.

Free time for you to lose yourself inside the walls of the Castle, discover the typical Ginjinha of Óbidos and visit some traditional crafts that insist in resisting until today.

After this day full of mysticism, adventure and history, return to Lisbon with drop-off at the hotel.

Description – Day 4

8 Days in Portugal: Complete Tour

In a land of wine producers, we cannot fail to learn how the wine is produced and gets to our table.

We will start by visiting two typical cellars in Azeitão, where you can follow the whole process of wine production, from the harvest of the Grape to the final bottling. You will be delighted with the final wine tasting, including of our precious Moscatel.

We will continue our visit with the Tile Factory where you can see such characteristic tiles being painted by hand. The most daring and creative participants can paint here their own tile.

We will continue our tour with a ride to Setúbal, passing through vineyards, through the cork trees and the Natural Park of the Mountain.

For lunch we can have fresh fish fished in the previous night by the famous fishermen of Setúbal or we can choose a local delicacy, fried cuttlefish, at your own cost. A typical dish in this city and for which it is known.

Then, surrounded by the landscapes of the mountain of Arrábida and through the most concealed corners we will arrive at the beach that was considered the most beautiful beach in Europe, Praia de Galapinhos. This beach of clear water emerges among the rocks and is the true Paradise on earth. We can travel a lot, but this beach will surely stay in our memory.

We will head to Sesimbra, another fishing town which is very important for the Region of Lisbon, with a Fort by the sea and a pavement very near to the calm water of the Bay of Sesimbra, and then we will visit Cape Espichel.

On our way back and with a view of the Tagus, we will visit our Christ the King, that offers a panoramic view of the whole of the city of Lisbon, of the 25 de Abril Bridge and of the margins of Tagus River. Enjoy a splendorous sunset.

Still astonished, we will return to Lisbon with drop-off at the hotel.

Description – Day 5

8 Days in Portugal: Complete Tour

The beauty of this tour starts with the departure from Lisbon and when reach the magnificent landscapes in the Region of Alentejo.

We leave to Évora, a city that is a Unesco World Heritage site since 1986 – a Museum city whose ruins date back from the time of the Romans, having benefited for the gold age in the XVth century, when it became the residence of the Kings of Portugal.

Once in Évora, it is impossible to be indifferent to the imposing Roman Temple of Évora. This temple was classified as a World Heritage site by Unesco. It is one of the most important and visible symbols of the roman presence in the city and dates back from the Ist century.

We continue our visit in Square of Giraldo, which tells a beautiful military and social history of Évora.

The Cathedral of Évora and the Church of São Francisco with a visit to the chapel of the bones will be the next emblematic places to visit.

Time for lunch at your own cost and to enjoy a great meal, typically from Alentejo, in one of the typical restaurants in the centre of the city.

We continue our visit with a walk through the Aqueduct of Water and Silver and the Monastery of Cartuxa, heading to Reguengos de Monsaraz and letting ourselves be fascinated by the plains of Alentejo.

A Pottery is waiting for us in São Pedro do Corval in order for us to get to know the art of handling the clay, and those who have the courage, can try.

We end our tour in one of the most emblematic Cellars of Portugal, with a wine tasting.

Fascinated with the Alentejo region, we will return to Lisbon with drop-off at the hotel.

Description – Day 6

8 Days in Portugal: Complete Tour

Coimbra is one of the oldest cities in the country, it was the capital of Portugal before Lisbon, until 1255, and there we find the first National Pantheon, the Monastery of Cruz.

The large University of Coimbra was built on an old palace and contains the King John V Library. In the University, we can also visit the Royal Residence and the Chapel of São Miguel.

In the old city we will find the Roman Cathedral of the XIIth century, the Old Cathedral.

Quinta das Lágrimas (Garden of Tears) owes its name to the misadventures of the romance between Lady Inês de Castro and Prince Dom Pedro. According to the romantic tragedy, beautiful Inês died in this place.

We will head to Mealhada, Region of Bairrada, where we will have lunch, at your own cost. Here the specialty is roast suckling pig, known as Suckling Pig of Bairrada.

Aveiro is known as ‘Portuguese Venice’, a charming city crossed by a channel, where coloured Moliceiros boats navigate and with buildings in pastel shades of Art Nouveau style. The traditional sweet is Ovos Moles which are presented in different shapes, and the Tripas from Aveiro.

The saltworks from Aveiro are among the most well-known saltworks in Portugal, and here we can learn how the salt appears and is extracted. There are those who say that the Salt Worker is lazy because he lives from what nature gives him. But the wisdom of the Salt Worker lies in being capable of relating the salted water, the wind, the sun and the rain, the clayey muds, the seaweed and the wood of the tools, creating what once was the great engine of word economy, salt.

Salted return to Lisbon with drop off at the hotel.

Description – Day 7 and 8

8 Days in Portugal: Complete Tour

Did you know that the city of Porto was the one that was at the origin of the name of our Country? And it has one of the most appreciated wines in the world, Porto Wine.

It is recognised as one of the most charming cities in Europe and as a destination that cannot be missed. Get to know the best that Porto has to offer.

We will start by the other margin of the river in Vila Nova de Gaia, where you can come abroad a boat for an adventurous ride in Douro River. Enjoy its magnificent six bridges and let yourself be amazed.

On the way back, we visit an old Cellar of Porto Wine; one of the cellars that contributed to the reputation and wealth of the city and where you can enjoy a wine tasting.

For lunch you can taste one of the most known delicacies of the City of Porto. They are called francesinhas (little French), but they are very Portuguese.

In the afternoon we will make a trip through history and architecture, and we will visit the Cathedral of Porto, with a stop at São Bento Station to observe the tiles, we will visit the beautiful Stock Exchange Palace and the Church of São Francisco, with its Chapel of the Bones, for the bravest ones.

In the area of the Galleries of Porto we will find one of the most beautiful and oldest bookshops in the world, Lello Bookshop, which served as inspiration for JK Rowling para to write Harry Potter.

If you have the courage to climb Clérigos Tower, breathe and enjoy the fantastic 360º view of Porto.

We continue our trip towards Douro, where we will be lodged in a hotel of your choice. Accommodation is not included, however we can give you some suggestions of fine hotels.

Once in the Douro Valley we will enjoy an Oenological and gastronomic dinner in a wine farm where we can admire the amazing landscape of the margins of Douro River, and see where the world known and appreciated nectar is produced.

In the next morning we make a visit to the Farm, with wine tasting of the wine produced there and we will make a tour to Peso da Régua, where we will visit the Museum of Porto Wine.

Then there is a not included lunch in a Douro’s typical restaurant, which will whet our appetite for what is to come.

A ride on National Road 222, considered the most beautiful road in Europe, will take us by the margins of Douro River from Peso da Régua to Pinhão, where a traditional Rabelo boat is waiting for us for a ride in Douro River, from where we can see the famous vineyards and farms form another perspective. You will be amazed with the fascinating landscapes of the margins of Douro.

It’s time to return to Lisbon with drop-off at the hotel.

Day 1

  • Pick up at the Hotel

  • Nossa Senhora do Monte, Graça and Portas do Sol Belvederes

  • Historic Quarters of Graça, Castelo and Alfama

  • São Jorge Castle

  • Downtown, Rossio and Square of Comércio tasting some Portuguese traditional titbits

  • Visit to historic stores in the centre of the city, traditional trade and analysis of the influence of the Freemasons in Lisbon

  • Visit of the hill opposite to the Castle: Chiado, Carmo, Bairro Alto, Príncipe Real, Bica and Cais do Sodré

  • Lunch in a typical quarter of Lisbon

  • Belém, Monastery of Jerónimos, Torre de Belém, Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to Discoveries) and walk by the river

  • Tasting of Pastéis de Belém and Porto Wine

  • Drop off at the Hotel

Day 2

  • Pick up at the hotel with departure from Lisbon

  • Arrival at the historic centre of Sintra, a Unesco World Heritage site, where the National Palace of Sintra is located

  • Visit to the Park and Palace of Pena

  • Quinta da Regaleira

  • Lunch in Sintra

  • Sightseeing through the Moorish Castle, the Palace of Seteais and Monserrate Palace

  • Cape Roca

  • Beaches of Guincho

  • Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell’s)

  • Stop in Cascais

  • Estoril Coast

  • Drop off at the hotel in Lisbon

Day 3

  • Pick up at the Hotel with departure from Lisbon

  • Arrival at the Sanctuary of Fátima

  • Visit to the Little Chapel of the Apparitions, Basilica of nose Sephora do Rosario de Fátima and Basilica of the Holy Trinity

  • Valinhos and the houses of the Little Shepherds Jacinta and Francisco

  • House of Sister Lucia

  • Local of Angel in Valinhos

  • Batalha and visit to the Monastery of Batalha

  • Sítio and Beach of the North of Nazaré

  • Fort of São Miguel Arcanjo and Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

  • Lunch in Nazaré and walk by the sea

  • Medieval Town of Óbidos

  • Return to Lisbon with drop off at the hotel

Day 4

  • Departure from Lisbon heading to the South passing through Vasco da Gama Bridge

  • Visit to two typical and very traditional Cellars in Azeitão

  • Visit to a Tile Factory

  • Lunch in Setúbal

  • Ride through Serra da Arrábida and Beach of Galapinhos (elected in 2017 as the most beautiful beach in Europe)

  • Visit to the Town and Bay of Sesimbra, where estuary of Sado ends

  • Cape Espichel

  • Visit to Christ the King with view over the city of Lisbon

  • Return to Lisboa passing through the 25 de Abril Bridge and drop off at the Hotel

Day 5

  • Pick up at the Hotel and departure from Lisbon for Évora passing through Vasco da Gama bridge

  • Church of São Francisco and Chapel of the Bones

  • Historic Centre of Évora, Square of Giraldo and Church of Santo Antão

  • Cathedral of Évora with option for a visit to the Museum of Sacred Art

  • Diana Temple, Roman Monument of the Ist Century

  • Convent of Lóios and Church of São João Evangelista

  • Lunch in a typical restaurant of food from Alentejo

  • Aqueduct of Water and Silver and Monastery of Cartuxa

  • Ride to Reguengos de Monsaraz admiring the plains of Alentejo

  • Visit to the traditional pottery in São Pedro do Corval

  • Visit to the Cellar in Reguengos and wine tasting

  • Return to Lisbon and drop off at the Hotel

Day 6

  • Pick up at the Hotel with departure from Lisbon

  • Arrival in Coimbra and visit to the University of Coimbra

  • King John V Library, Royal Residence (Rooms of Capelos, Room of the Private Exam and Room of Weapons) and Chapel of São Miguel

  • Passage by the New Cathedral and the Old Cathedral, a Roman Cathedral of the XIIth century

  • Old part of the city, Arch and Tower of Almedina, Church of the Holy Cross – National Pantheon, Cloister of Manga e Square of Portagem

  • Gardens of Quinta das Lágrimas, the Love Fountain and the Tears Fountain

  • Lunch in Mealhada in a typical restaurant

  • Costa Nova and its typical little houses

  • Arrival in the city of Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice

  • Ride in a Moliceiro boat through the channels of Aveiro

  • Visit to a house of typical specialty sweet from Aveiro, Ovos Moles

  • Visit to the Saltworks

  • Drop off at hotel in Porto

Day 7

  • Pick up at the Hotel

  • Arrival at the Port of Gaia, ride in a typical boat for the circuit of Douro’s six bridges

  • Visit to a Cellar of Porto Wine with wine tasting

  • Dom Luís Bridge and Ribeira of Porto with a walk along the margin of the river

  • Stock Exchange Palace

  • Church of São Francisco and Chapel of the Bones

  • Avenida dos Aliados, Rua and Bairro de Santa Catarina where Majestic café and Market of the Bolhão

  • Lunch in a typical restaurant in Porto

  • Cathedral of Porto

  • São Bento Station and observation of its tiles

  • Lello Bookshop and emblematic area of the Galleries of Porto

  • Clérigos Church and Tower

  • Departure to the Douro Valley

  • Wine and gastronomy dinner in a farmer that product Porto Wine

Day 8

  • Visit to a Farm in Douro, Cellar and Wine Tasting

  • Walk in Peso da Régua and visit to the Museum of Porto Wine

  • Lunch in a typical restaurant of the Region

  • Departure to Pinhão by N222, considered the most beautiful road in Europe

  • Ride in a Rabelo boat in Douro River

  • Return to Lisbon and drop off at the Hotel



All the prices are presented per person

Accommodation not included

General Conditions

All the tours and experiences presented require a minimum of 2 participants.

Our tours are made in vehicles Mercedes, and the maximum number of participants is seven.

The departure for all tours is from the City of Lisbon. Any pick-up or drop-off outsider the city of Lisbon will be subject to the payment of an extra fee. The pick-up and drop-off place must be indicated by the client upon reservation of the tour.

In case baby car seat tare necessary for the transport of children, they must be requested upon reservation or up to 48 hours before the tour.

In case one or more passengers suffer from a special condition, this must be communicated upon reservation of the tour.

Van Go Tourism assumes no responsibility from items or personal belongings left in the vehicles or at the places visited during the tour.

Van Go Tourism cannot be liable for delays occurred due to the traffic or weather conditions.

It is not allowed to smoke or drink alcoholic drinks in the vehicles. Stops for that purpose are made at the request of the client, provided that the guide considers it to be possible and that it does question the execution of the tour.

Van Go Tourism is an environment-friendly company, and therefore we ask our clients not to through any object or waste through the window or during the walks.

All the prices include VAT.

In case of non-private tours, more than one language can be used, depending on the nationality of the participants.

Included in the Tours

Guide in the selected language – Portuguese, English, French and Spanish
Pick-up and Drop-off in Lisbon
Transport in air-conditioned vehicle
Personal and accident insurance
Wi-fi and Water aboard
Parking, Fuel and Tolls

Not included in the Tours

Tickets for monuments and museums
Meals and drinks
Personal expenses


All reservations shall be made 48 hours before the Tour, using the form in the website of Van Go Tourism or by sending or confirming the reservation to one of the emails of Van Go Tourism.

The execution of all tours always requires the previous confirmation from Van Go Tourism.


Upon reservation a payment of de 25% of the total value of the tour must be made, as a reservation fee.

The remaining 75% shall be paid until 48h before the Tour. In case of non-payment, the tour will be cancelled and will not take place, and there will be no refund of the mounts already paid.


Any cancellation must necessarily be sent to e-mail expressly indicating the tour to be cancelled.

For any cancellation made until 7 days before the tour, you will be refunded of the totality of the reservation fee.

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For any last-minute cancellation made 72 hours before the tour, you will not be refunded of the reservation fee.

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